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WsMCC 100 Club Draw

Welcome to the Weston super Mare Cricket Club 100 Club. This club is being run monthly to help raise funds for the club, thanks for your interest.

Scroll down to sign up button but please read the draw terms & conditions first,

By supporting this initiative you will help support our club continue to offer fantastic facilities and an outdoor space we are all proud of – not to mention giving our youth cricketers a safe environment and our senior members a place to play cricket that is unrivalled locally.

View past draw winners here

The following outlines the rules of the 100 Club and should be read before signing up.


Draw Terms and Conditions:

The Scheme will be known as “Weston super Mare Cricket Club 100 Club” and will be administered by a member of the Committee.

In all circumstances the contact for the 100 club is strictly by email to

By entering the “Weston super Mare Cricket Club 100 Club” you agree to:

  1. Pay £5 monthly by subscription to Weston Super Mare Cricket Club
  2. The payment should be made at least 5 days before the end of the calendar month
  3. The payment should have am email reference that identifies the payee to the club
  4. The draw will be made on the last day of each Calendar month
  5. Each month you will be allocated the same number in the draw, a list of all players and their associated numbers will be kept
  6. The draw will be made using a random number generator found on - it uses an algorithm to randomly generate a number between 1 and 100
  7. In the event it generates the same number twice in the same draw, another number will be drawn (this means one person can only win one prize in any given draw)
  8. Winners will be published on the website and where possible we will also post in the WhatsApp group
  9. Payment to the winners will be made by BACS so your account details will be required
  10. The first prize will be £100, the second prize will be £50 and the third prize will be £25 and the numbers will be drawn in that order
  11. The draw will be witnessed by at least 2 members of the Administers of the Weston super Mare Cricket Club 100 Club
  12. The decision will be final
  13. You are entering into a 12 month scheme. Please ensure you continue to pay your £5 for the full 12 months of the scheme
  14. The payment is on a recurring subscription by Stripe from the card details entered
  15. WsMCC at no time hold card details or process this payment..These are held securely in token form by Stripe,
  16. If for any reason you cannot continue to pay your £5 you must inform the Club Administrator, we would ask you do your best to find a replacement in such circumstances.
  17. Subscription cancellations must be processed by the Club Administrator.
  18. If you don’t pay your £5 in any given month and your number is drawn you will not be eligible for the prize and another number will be drawn. This includes subscription payments that are attempted to be charged to the card and are decined or otherwise fail.