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Match fees for 2020 season

For the 2020 season match fees are as follows.

  • Members who have paid playing membership in 2020 - no match fee
  • Players who have not paid membership - £10 for all categories of player.

Membership is still available to buy in 2021 to help support the club, plus all members that pay in 2020 will get a significant discount on their membership in 2021!

Buy 2020 membership here

In al almost all cases if you play the remaning planned games in the 2020 season it's better value to pay membership now, then get a discount in 2021!

If in the unlikely event we are allowed to serve teas and the team requests one then a small contribution from members of £2.50 per person will be required. The guidance does not allow teas so it's highly unlikely!

Thanks all for your support.

Click the button link below to pay your £10 match fee if required..