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History of Weston-super-Mare C.C from 1922 - 1935



With the move from Charlton Road now completed, Weston rented the Devonshire Road
Ground for a lease of 21 years. Our present ground had been prepared by old groundsman
Kingdom and Bert Stokes. Sammy Woods brought a side from Taunton to play Weston and
performed the opening ceremony on April 30th 1922. The opening match was badly hit by

In 1926 future famous county players Bill Andrews and Laurie Hawkins made their debut for
Weston. That season Tom Thorn became the first Weston player to reach 1000 runs in a

In 1927 Arthur Wellard joined the club while qualifying for Somerset. In all, he
made 393 appearances for Somerset.

In 1928 Wellard had a wonderful season for Weston, topping both the batting (790 runs at 39.50) and the bowling (81 wickets at 11.13) averages.

In 1929 Arthur Barkla captained what was probably the most successful in Weston’s history
with the 1st XI undefeated. Bath, Clifton, Taunton and Knowle were all soundly beaten.
In the 1929 team photograph (shown separately), details the 14 Weston members, who over
the years, played 1st Class Cricket. Of those who did not achieve this status, many of the
team were long time servants of the Weston club. I refer to the likes of Cecil Chapman,
Bill Davies (W. J. Davies the infamous Deputy Head of Weston GS), Tom Thorn, the most
likeable Cyril Harris and Arthur Barkla himself.

In 1930, the legendary Jim Bridges took 9 for 25 in the victory over Westbury, 7 for 29
in a win over Fry’s, 7 for 54 against defeated Bridgwater, and 7 for 14 in the defeat of
Clifton overall he took 90 wickets for a Weston team that lost only one match in 24 with 18
victories. Next season, in 1931, Bridges took 9 for 15 in the opening win against Imperial
and 7 for 17 against a defeated Taunton. That year Keith Linney joins Somerset as a

In 1931, Somerset take over the catering at the Clarence Park Festival and, so amid some
animosity, the links between Club and County in running the Festival were severed.
Weston 1st XI were unbeaten and members of that team were Fred Campkin, R. K. Linney,
W. Haines, D. Salisbury, M. Coles, Cyril Harris and J. Blackmore. Skipper Bridges was
absent through injury and Dicky Burrough unavailable.

1933 was another successful season for Weston for the 1st & 2nd XIs.
For the 1st XI Laurie Hawkins, Jack Rigby and Keith Linney (back from Somerset) each
scored over 500 runs while spin-bowler Jim Priddy took 79 wickets. In 1934, Keith Linney
in his last season for Weston scored 711 runs while Priddy and Fred Campkin bore the brunt
of the bowling.

The amazing Sid Hayward joined the club in 1935 and the 1st XI had a moderate season.
Cecil Chapman captained the 2nd XI. Monday, May 6th 1935 was Jubilee Day. A certain
Harold Gimblett, who made his debut for Somerset later in the season scoring a century in
doing so, played for Weston against Frenchay. Weston won but Gimblett failed to trouble the