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Obituary for Adrian Gillett

Obituary for Adrian Gillett
17 Aug 2021

Adrian Gillett was born in 1947 and, as a young schoolboy, he was outstanding as a footballer in Bournville Junior School and scored many goals. He then found success at rugby and cricket at the old Walliscote Secondary Modern School by the Town Hall. My friendship with Adrian started in 1957 and we shared our love of cricket and football. In 1960 his father, Fred Gillett ,started the revival of Weston St. Johns AFC which competed in the local Youth League. In 1960 Adrian and myself  acted as labourers for Bill Andrews when we extended the square on the East Ground. Adrian played for Somerset U15s in 1962 and the occasional Youth XI appearance up to 1966. As he was a milkman by trade, he often made up the numbers for a Somerset XI when they were playing against Club Sides in Player's Benefit Matches that used to start around 5.30 pm as he was able to make the early start with Bill Andrews. He played randomly for Weston 1st XI  between 1966 -1979. His most notable innings were in scoring 55 against a strong St. Luke's College side in an all day Sunday game at Devonsire Road in 1971, and 40 not out in our victory over the M.C.C. in 1979.

As a sporting all-rounder he played 10 games for Weston RFC 1st XI at full back. He was made Clubman of the Year at Weston Golf Club in the 1980s. He appeared for the successful Cricketeers XI at football.

He lived alone for many years after he lost his wife Sherry in the late 1980s. He will now be re-united with her.

Written by Roger Webber on August 11th 2021

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